User Agreement and Privacy Policy
1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) governs the relationship between the owner of the GoodMama mobile application (IP Kisluhina Natalya Viktorovna, Administration) on the one hand and the user of the application on the other.

2. The User confirms that checking the checkbox "I agree with the user agreement" and using the application means the User's full consent with all the provisions of this Agreement.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1 The user has the right:
- use information from the application for personal non-commercial purposes;
- fill in data about the child, change and delete them.
3.2 The administration has the right:
- at its own discretion and the need to create, change, cancel these rules;
- create, modify, delete information in a mobile application, change its functionality.
3.3 The user undertakes:
- do not use information from the application for commercial purposes;
- do not copy or distribute materials from the application without specifying a direct explicit link to the mobile application;
- do not use information related to the medicine and health of a child or adult as a substitute for consultation with a medical specialist;
- in any situation that may relate to the health of a child or an adult, consult with the attending physician;
- timely install updates published in the Google Play Market, App Store.

4. Liability of the parties

4.1 The administration is not responsible for the relevance of the medical information provided in the application due to rapid changes in medicine and related fields.
4.2 All information provided in the application is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an individual recommendation, an indication of action or a substitute for consultation with a healthcare professional.
4.3 The administration is not responsible for the consequences of using the information specified in the application due to its general nature and the presence of individual health characteristics for each child or adult.
4.4 The application administration is not responsible for the loss by the user of the login data for the account in the application and does not provide login data upon request or in any other way.
4.5 The administration of the application does not guarantee the operability of the application if failures in the operation of the application, loss of entered data and other technical difficulties are associated with the operability of third-party services used in the application, as well as when using an outdated version of the application, the introduction of various types of blocking and sanctions from government authorities and payment systems, third-party services that ensure the operation of the application and data storage.

5. Premium version of the application

5.1 Valid for the entire period of using the application within one device and one login.
5.2 Not saved when changing device to a device with an operating system different from the one under which the premium version was purchased, as well as to a device with an application store different from the application store where the purchase was made.
5.3 Gives the following benefits: no ads, access to all articles in the "Knowledge Base" section, access to all skills and achievements in the "Skills and Achievements" section, access to the formation of a collage without a watermark.

6. Personal Data and Privacy Policy

6.1 For the full functioning of the application, the User agrees to provide and consents to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data". "Personal data" means the data required to enter the application, as well as data filled in by the User and including:
- name, date of birth and gender of the child;
- information about height, weight, teeth, vaccinations and doctors visited;
- Photo.
6.2 The administration guarantees the confidentiality of the entered data and provides access to them only to those employees who need this information to ensure the full functioning of the application.
6.3 The information received by the Administration is not subject to disclosure, except in cases where its disclosure is mandatory under the laws of the Russian Federation or necessary for the operation of the application and its functions.
6.4 Deleting data
The user can completely remove data from the application, including personal data and an account in the application. To do this, you need to delete your account in the application.
To delete an account, you need to enter the top menu of the application on the main screen, then select the Settings item, go to the Delete account item. Deleting an account leads to the complete deletion of data (including personal data, data entered as part of the application functionality, account data) without the possibility of further recovery.

7. Collection of other data

7.1 The application uses third-party services that provide the functionality of the application, as well as targeted ad display (Google FireBase, Google Admob, Google Analytics, login via Vkontakte, login via Google login, FaceBook Login, Appodeal, Yandex.Metrika, MyTarget). These services may collect data about geolocation, IP address, advertising identifier (advertising ID), crashes, errors and actions within the application, cookies, search queries, as well as associate the user of the application with his account in the service used to enter the application, receive other user data.
Read more about the privacy policy and terms of use of these services here:
7.2 Using this application means agreeing to the policy of collecting personal and other data described in this Agreement, as well as to the policy of personal data and user agreements of the services listed in clause 7.1.

8. Terms of the Agreement

8.1 This Agreement comes into force at the moment of the first login to the mobile application and setting the checkbox on acceptance of the Agreement.
8.2 The Agreement ceases to be valid when a new version of it appears.
8.3 The administration reserves the right to unilaterally change this agreement at its discretion.
8.4 The Administration does not notify users of changes in the Agreement. Changes are published on the website in the User Agreement and Privacy Policy sections.
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